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pinky0203 moved a title to their Completed shelf Jan 23 2018

Aliens meets Under the Dome in this new post-apocalyptic novel from New York Times bestseller Lilith Saintcrow.

It could have been aliens, it could have been a trans-dimensional rift, nobody knows for sure. What's known is that there was an Event,...

pinky0203 rated a title Jan 23 2018
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pinky0203 made a comment Jan 23 2018
"I just finished this book and I'm not quite sure what to think. I found it to be a very strange book and sometimes thought that it wasn't even written in English. It felt more like a bad translation into English from another language. Writers ca..." Permalink
pinky0203 added a title to their In progress shelf Jan 05 2018
The Archive, an otherworldly library, contains the bodies of everyone who has ever died. But when the Archive is compromised from within, sixteen-year-old Mackenzie Bishop must use her skills as a Keeper to identify the traitor and prevent violent...
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