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ktjonas made a comment Mar 05 2020
"the book is printed on heavy glossy paper and is heavy to lift...its a wonderful narrative of the war between Nana and the cavalry. If you have problem with small print, this book may not be for you..its small print and hard to read.It is full o..." Permalink
ktjonas added a title to their For later shelf Nov 23 2019
Chloe has a devil of a time unraveling the mysteries of Norway's fiddle and dance traditions After her mother's unexpected death, curator Chloe Ellefson discovers hidden antiques that hint at family secrets. Determined to find answers, Chloe...
ktjonas added a title to their For later shelf Oct 15 2019
2 CHILDREN FOR SALE The sign is a last resort. It sits on a farmhouse porch in 1931, but could be found anywhere in an era of breadlines, bank runs and broken dreams. It could have been written by any mother facing impossible choices. For...
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Oct 15 2019
"I'm always hesitant to pick up novels that occur during the height of WW2, especially if it deals heavily with the Holocaust. With so much love for this book, I couldn't resist and I'm really glad I didn't. This was an amazing depiction of a facet..." Permalink
ktjonas made a comment Sep 13 2019
"This book got to be a bit repetive and boring in its 'investigation' sequence...there are other parts that are just as boring and repetive,,not one of his better written books." Permalink
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