Wow! Was this schlocky, 1960's, Sci-Fi TV show really for real!?

What I mean is - I can't imagine, in the name of teleportation, how the actors in this TV show were able to keep straight faces while at the same time delivering ludicrous dialogue in the midst of some of the most preposterous "time-travelling" nonsense imaginable.

This show was so over-loaded with endlessly laughable, unintentionally absurd situations that it must've taken the actors every ounce of restraint (that they could possibly muster) not to burst out laughing at the utter inanity of it all.

It really killed me that no matter where in time our 2 time-travelling heroes travelled to (be it the past, the future, Japan, Israel, whatever), everywhere they ended up, English was, of course, the universal language, understood and spoken fluently by one, and all.

And even though Doug & Tony's actions were not supposed to cause any significant change or alter history even one iota, they did, in fact, repeatedly interfere with the course of man's destiny, time and again.

If this show was seriously meant to be viewed as an "educational" experience, unfortunately, it missed its mark, big-time. With its frequent, glaring errors in historical fact, The Time Tunnel was a TV show designed with the stoned-out youth of the psychedelic 60s clearly in mind.

And, finally - To keep costs down to an absolute minimum, almost all of the sets, props, and costumes used in this low-budget, "Irwin Allen" presentation were all just left-overs from previous productions at 20th Century Fox.

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