The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr

eBook - 2007
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National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist From the acclaimed, award-winning author of Alexander Hamilton: here is the essential, endlessly engrossing biography of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.—the Jekyll-and-Hyde of American capitalism. In the course of his nearly 98 years, Rockefeller was known as both a rapacious robber baron, whose Standard Oil Company rode roughshod over an industry, and a philanthropist who donated money lavishly to universities and medical centers. He was the terror of his competitors, the bogeyman of reformers, the delight of caricaturists—and an utter enigma. Drawing on unprecedented access to Rockefeller's private papers, Chernow reconstructs his subjects' troubled origins (his father was a swindler and a bigamist) and his single-minded pursuit of wealth. But he also uncovers the profound religiosity that drove him "to give all I could"; his devotion to his father; and the wry sense of humor that made him the country's most colorful codger. Titan is a magnificent biography—balanced, revelatory, elegantly written.
Publisher: 2007
ISBN: 9780307429773
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Nov 24, 2016

Chernow dives deep into the founder of the Morgan financial dynasty. very detailed and slow read. Didn't struggle through more than about half of it.


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Nov 07, 2014

Rockefeller, what a great guy! [According to the author, that is!] So what if he helped to finance Hitler's Third Reich, ending in the deaths and murders of over 16 million during World War II. So what if Rockefeller's thugs and chain gangs were responsible for the murders of countless men, women and children who just demanded decent wages. So what if Rockefeller's thugs (the Truesdale family) bombed his competitors' refineries, then other Truesdale family attorneys defended the bombers in court? Rockefeller, what a saint! Who gave America its first drive-by shootings? John D. Rockefeller and company, that's who [Ludlow Massacre]. And wasn't Rockefeller clever to create those holding companies, move his stock from Standard Oil to them, then move the ownership of those holding companies to his various foundations and trusts? What a clever, clever fellow. So today, the Rockefeller family is still majority owner of: ExxonMobil, JPMorgan Chase, AT&T, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Intel, Apple Computer, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

deleuzerimbaud Oct 12, 2013

Excellent book. Ron Chernow writes at the Nobel level.


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