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DVD - 2017
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This movie makes me want to go to my black friends and give them a long, loving hug.
I suppose you could call this a highly intelligent horror movie. The writer and director are clearly masters at creating suspense and anticipation. I felt quite tense and anxious from early on in the film, without really knowing a lot about the film in advance. I realized that I was scared and kept saying to myself, alone in the house, "I'm scared." I considered not watching all of it in one sitting but I'm glad that I allowed for continuity. I think this is the first horror/suspense movie that I've ever seen that should be followed by a process/discussion group of your closest loved ones. Black Lives certainly do Matter and this film makes me believe it all the more passionately.

May 18, 2018

Was rather impressed with this first time director/writer, Jordan Peele (co-wrote the 2016 Keanu film) movie. Had some tense moments and was rather good as a creepy weird/horror film. Thought the acting suited the parts.
However, i did not feel like the ending was as realistic or as good as the "alternative ending" that is provided on the DVD.
There is a segment of the bonus material that does provide some interesting background information and even some clips, not used in the film, that actually helped to know the bigger story (not the deleted scene section).
I would have given it a better rating, if not for the ending provided in the released version.

May 18, 2018

"Guess who's coming to dinner" reloaded for the 21st Cent.

This is a sinister concoction of social commentary, science fiction and black (no pun intended) comedy; an extended riff on the minority experience in the U.S.

Absolutely recommended. Regarding the alternate ending: it would have been much more realistic, but I would've hated it.

For the deleted scenes, there are seven different versions of the one where his friend rescues him. One would've been great for inclusion in the final film: my candidates are the ones titled "Rose's vote" or "White girls."

An exceptionally tense and well crafted Horror film with a (somewhat) unique premise.
The lead (Daniel Kaluuya) is absolutely brilliant. The central supporting cast is almost as good.
Oddly enough, despite its surface appearance, the movie makes no paticular commentary on Race. Yet does, however, rely on it heavily as a plot device.
That is to say: The movie has nothing to do with racism even though it has racists in it.
The movie really had only one major drawback.
The comedy relief (Lil Rey Howery) spoils every scene he is in by detracting from the overall tension.
It was an exceptionally poor idea to cast him.
Great movie though.

May 15, 2018

Written and directed by Jordan Peele in 2017, this American horror film depicts a supernatural unbelievably disgusting plan and its subsequent incident.
I thought this was a serious drama.
If I knew this was a horrow flick, I wouldn't have viewed it.
Although this is NOT my cup of tea at all, a script is well-crafted.
At the very end, however, I laughed my head off to death.

Apr 17, 2018

This was probably a lot creepier simply because it is described as a horror film so I had imagined worse. In hindsight, there's an obvious conceptual parallel to a 1999 film that doesn't involve racial differences but you don't really find out what's going on in either until the end so I won't spoil it.

Apr 13, 2018

Not a horror flick fan, but I recognized this was a very inventive one.

Apr 10, 2018

I personally thought this movie was well done. It’s freaky, kinda gory, and twisted with an interesting back story. Definitely a movie to add on to the list of scary movies to watch during Halloween. It keeps you on your toes!

Apr 09, 2018

Not what I expected, but gripping from start to finish. Refreshingly original.

Apr 02, 2018

A shocking thriller that raises disturbing questions about the status of racism in today's society. Highly recommended.

Mar 30, 2018

I don’t know if this is a horror film as much as an unsettling one. Weird things happen and most of the people are creepy, but it takes awhile to figure that out. Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) is believable as the black boyfriend meeting the white girlfriend, Rose Armitage’s (Allison Williams) white, weird parents.

Mar 29, 2018

After seeing the trailers and ad campaign, I NEVER felt interested in getting out to see this one. First of all, not a Jordan Peele fan, at all. Then, it was embarrassing the way he had the African dude playing a 'Stephan Fetch it' old timey black, racist character from the 30's, (also he would get more hate from the parents, being darker), going out with a semi-attractive bleached blonde. Why couldn't he make the cliché more realistic by at least having the guy be more African American looking, more mixed and less bug eyed?

From what I hear the movie wants it both ways, too, from 'don't dare date white gals, or look out!' and 'why can't we all get along and not have to date our own kind if we aren't attracted to them?' Pick a side!

If Jordan wanted to be fair, he would portray his own life of being a mixed race guy who dates whites?! Have some Chutzpah, Mr. Peele!

= )

Mar 26, 2018

Wanted to see why the Academy awarded the Oscar. Quite creepy, like something Steven King would produce.

Mar 24, 2018

Wow what a great movie we sat and watched it and loved the suspense and the twists and tern's. Be ready for just about anything.

Mar 22, 2018

Rubbish. How did this get nominated for Academy Awards?

Mar 13, 2018

Jordan Peele's Oscar for Best Screenplay is richly deserved for this original take on the modern horror genre with allegorical undertones about present day America. Rent it!

Mar 12, 2018

Get Out manages to be an excellent commentary/satire about race relations in America as well as a disturbing, yet fun, horror movie. Jordan Peele is at the height of his powers as a filmmaker, and I hope he continues to use his voice to entertain while engaging in thoughtful dialogue about pressing matters.

Mar 09, 2018

I thought this movie was PURE BRILLIANCE. I can see why it got so much critical love (unfortunately, one has to wonder how much of that critical love is based on racial politics and not merely critical admiration for the art). I compare this to The Sixth Sense. Once you have seen the movie and know "the twist," you can go back and all the really weird and awkward (and I mean SERIOUSLY weird and awkward) racial tension moments make complete and total sense. That, to me, is the sign of brilliant writing. There is not anything connected to reality that makes this a great social commentary, rather it is an ingenious story that plays very well on the racial tensions in America - which is another indicator of the brilliance of the writing. Add to it the acting, Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams are great - [SPOILER ALERT] Allison Williams has to essentially play two different characters and she shines, seemingly a completely different person. I enjoyed both the story/writing and the performances immensely. [ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT] as to TheAvebury's comment about not being able to get the stuffing in his ears - of course he could, only his had was loosely fastened, he was free to bend and put his head down to his hand.

Mar 08, 2018

An interesting setup with the racial dynamic, but the motivations of the villains are merely farcical. The movie never fully explores its racial comment but devolves into silliness, which makes it impossible even for horror to take hold. And the idea that one surgeon can do seamless (literally) brain transplants in his basement with no assistance? Wait till the insurance companies find out, and real horror will be unleashed upon the land.

Mar 07, 2018

There's a lot of confusing exactly what 'Get Out' is. The debt to the earlier 'Stepford Wives' is obvious but both films owe a debt to a long line of 'body snatcher' films that Hollywood has mined for decades from 'Invaders From Mars' to John Carpenter's 'The Thing'. The question is not whether this is a hoary old chestnut (it is) but what director Peele brings to it. In that sense there is something new here by the film's addressing subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) racial issues. I only wish that angle would have been taken further. The alternate (and superior) ending shows there was some doubt whether audiences would have accepted a downer ending. A more experienced director would have gone all in here (as Carpenter did many times). In terms of visual and performance it's rather indistinguishable from your typical mid-level contemporary horror film: professional but kind of flat. It's a movie that has good ideas but doesn't really deliver on them.

Mar 04, 2018

It's ridiculous how much hype this mediocre production is receiving- slightly rehashed ideas from other horror movies mixed with current political and racial ideologies do not a good film make. Stop promoting mediocrity- start assaying greatness.

Mar 04, 2018

Some might nor like this movie.. It is not the usual type movie.. it is the kind of movie for the the thinking person who wants is willing to step back enjoy the horror, dark comedy and do some thinking.. I like this movie, I wonder when this young director get big money to make a movie what he can do..

Mar 03, 2018

This film is highly overrated. When considering the abundance of crappy films coming out of Hollywood each year, I suppose this Stepford wives ripoff is watchable, but certainly doesn't live up to the hype. And then there's the political statement, which is another huge turn off. Keep your expectations very low and you may be entertained.

Mar 01, 2018

You've only got to ask one question- How did the main character get the chair stuffing ( cotton? ) into his ears? The whole film falls apart on this one point ( the answer is that he couldn't possibly have been able to do it - if you watch the movie you'll know why ). Really amateurish to mess up such an obvious and important plot point- and if he could reach down to the armchair to get cotton ( per the comment below ) then why didn't he undo the straps with his teeth and escape- because the movie is amateurish and not very well constructed.
Basically, it's a rip-off of the " Stepford Wives "( 1972 ) with the main theme switched from patriarchal inequality to racial inequality ( with a small twist added to it so it's not a total rip-off ). I thought the main actor Daniel Kaluuya overacted wildly- it was like he was acting in a silent movie from the 1920's his facial movements were so over exaggerated.

Mar 01, 2018

Very original. This movie was probably based on a crazy idea and proceeded with no filter. There is nothing like it that I've seen.

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