Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea

DVD - 2016
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Slow, the music sucks, and Casey Affleck sleepwalks through the entire film.
He does not offer the intensity and suffering that the story demands.
Because of which I never felt a connection with the enormous loss and burdens he must carry.
It was a decent movie that felt like a lost opportunity.

Apr 03, 2018

I wanted to like this movie, I really did. And trust me, there were scenes were I was really into it! At the same time, I simply did not like Casey Affleck's character. He was just so afflicted at all times and it made the role feel slightly overdone.

Feb 15, 2018

" Masterfully told and beautifully acted, Manchester By The Sea is a shattering yet graceful elegy of loss and grief. "- Phil De Semlyen

Feb 15, 2018

This movie should have won the Oscar for Best Picture. It's an original film that I found to be truly affecting, something that is quite rare in such a cynical society. The performances were outstanding all around, and the direction is purposeful and quite masterly.
This film might not be for everyone as it demands some patience and empathy from the audience.

Feb 06, 2018

Ever so slightly overrated but if you lower your expectations it is a worthy watch.

Jan 31, 2018

Slow and long but okay

Jan 12, 2018

After watching this dvd, I am not at all sure how it rated any Golden Globe Award nominations. The acting was purely mechanical, uninspired, and amateurish with few exceptions. The plot was very thin and the fast forward button became my best friend with all of the dialogue. I would rate this as a class C movie at best. If you want to be bored and depressed, give it a watch.

Jan 10, 2018

This is a character-driven story with a heavy, emotional theme. Michelle Williams is superb and so is Casey Affleck. It's heartbreaking at times, but well worth the viewing time. I agree with other reviewers, it deserved an Academy Award. An interesting note, the film was purposely shot on dreary days to set the mood for this film.

Jan 08, 2018

Overall good movie but heavy subject. I kept getting the 2 brothers & their wife's mixed up & had to rewind to figure out who was who. It is not an easy movie to follow.

Dec 22, 2017

I really object to all the cursing, but it's an interesting concept: what happens to estranged family members under duress of loss of life.

Nov 20, 2017

Not what I expected, very boring.

Oct 25, 2017

A rich and powerful masterpiece starring Academy Award winner Casey Affleck as a working-class man overpowered by love and loss. Skip this movie if you have the attention span of a gnat.

Oct 25, 2017

A slow movie about quiet suffering and painful outbursts of the uncle who reluctantly becomes the guardian of a typical teen after loosing his own children. Good acting, nice choice of classical music.

Oct 13, 2017

Finally someone is telling the story of the angry white working class male in America.

Oct 03, 2017

I have to say I'm quite astonished by the vitriol that this film is receiving in some of these comments. Is it because the film deals in a heavy emotional dilemma that has no easy fixes or answers- and that it does it in a way that is solemn using flashbacks and humor? All I can say is that the movie is definitely touching a nerve- something which indicates the film is successful on many levels.
If you've never seen an art film or " indie " film before, you might want to skip this movie as it requires some critical thinking in watching it.
The first time that I saw this film, I felt as if it was a bit overwhelming. I left the theater puzzled as to why it got such rave reviews. My initial thoughts were that it was too long, boring, and very depressing. With that said, I decided to give it another chance, and I'm extremely glad I did. As for those wondering why I would want to subject myself to a film that I initially didn't like for a second time; it's because I like to keep an open mind. In the case of this film, I really wanted to get a better understanding of what it was all about. Having seen it again, I was better able to grasp the complexity of the characters. If you absolutely hated it, I can understand your feelings. You might, however, want to give it another chance, as in the end my verdict is that it's a masterpiece. It's not a funny film, but it's down to earth and real.

Oct 02, 2017

I hated this movie. Slow moving. Boring to tears. I can't believe it got an award.

Sep 26, 2017

Extremely Boring.

Sep 20, 2017

I thought this was an extremely boring movie. It was all over the place as to the people and timeline. The scenes on the boat were beautifully framed while the rest of the scenes were very dark or grey. I would give it one star.

Sep 09, 2017

Very touching heartfelt movie  The sceneries in the movie are beautiful! 🌈

Sep 08, 2017

While I thought the acting was stellar. The premise of the movie was slow, enjoyable to a Point.

Sep 05, 2017

Slow but the actors are all deserving of the accolades they receive. The most heartbreaking scene of the movie is the scene portrayed on the DVD box. Your patience will get tried with this movie and it will really depend on what mood you are in as to whether you will watch the whole thing or give up on it.

Sep 01, 2017

A very confusing plot. This movie got me lost. Too many flashbacks spoiling the movie. I had no idea, who died. First I thought it was his brother, but then they were referring to his brother to be in another room. A flashback I guess revealed his brother in a hospital room learning about his medical who the heck died? If only this was made much better. I had to pause the movie and look up the entire plot online to just figure out first half an hour of the movie.
This movie was also VERY VERY SLOW. Even the motion of the actors was VERY SLOW. I was literally hanging on the lips of the main character praying he spoke up so I would not fall asleep. Like, dude, it took you ages to utter a word!!
I gave up after 40 minutes into the movie. I did not want to waste my time.
PS: this was another US movie that disgusts, us in Europe - for our taste there were way too many f* words used. Why do Americans need to swear that much?

Sep 01, 2017

Really terrible movie. I am at the point now where I can't stand Casey Affleck, and I don't think he knows how to act.

A very timely movie given the election of Trump since it is all about white male working-class alienation. If there was a card-carrying Tea Party member, Casey Affleck's character would be it. A grieving New England handyman who fills his spare time watching the Bruins and the Celtics on TV and occasionally picking a fight with a gay couple at a bar, he floats through his days on a cloud of silent misery and regret. There's a Tolystoyan quality to MANCHESTER BY THE SEA that leaves the audience feeling some respect for the down-and-out white guy. Let's hope our cultural reality mirrors the maturity of the movie.

Aug 19, 2017

Good movie, not spectacular as you might suspect with all the Oscar buzz, but solid all around. On the slow side for the 2nd half.

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